Who makes use of Skywise?
Frontier Airlines has become the latest North American carrier to use Skywise Health Monitoring as a key future fleet performance tool, as part of a five-year contract involving 111 single-aisle aircraft.

What exactly is Skywise Airbus?
Skywise is an important component of Airbus’ digital transformation. It is an enterprise data platform that drives digital collaboration across the aerospace value chain by collecting data from all upstream processes, such as design, engineering, and manufacturing, and combining it with in-service data and maintenance support.

What exactly is Skywise Palantir?
Airbus introduces Skywise, an open aviation data platform powered by Palantir Technologies, to support the industry’s digital transformation. Work orders, spares consumption, component data, aircraft / fleet configuration, on-board sensor data, and flight schedules are among the airline sources.

When was Skywise released?
Skywise Health Monitoring (SHM), which debuted in 2019, collects live diagnostic feeds from aircraft via its ACARS* link to the airline’s information system.

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