What is the core of Skywise?
Skywise will provide all users with a single point of access to their enriched data by consolidating aviation data from multiple sources across the industry into a single secure cloud-based platform.

What exactly is Palantir Skywise?
Skywise was created in collaboration with Palantir Technologies to allow Airbus, as well as customer airlines, equipment manufacturers, and maintenance operators, to access massive amounts of aircraft operational and performance data and use it to identify areas for improvement.

Skywise is owned by whom?
Motlekar Holdings Inc.
Motlekar Holdings, a South African private equity firm, owns Skywise. In September 2016, the company purchased Skywise from Pak Africa Aviation.

Does Airbus make use of AWS?
Airbus Uses AWS Serverless to Improve Fleet Operations (MFG315) – AWS re:Invent 2018. Skywise enables Airbus to leverage deep in-service data and insights to improve its aircraft design and support offerings, and it is already delivering results with a number of “early adopter” airlines.

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