What exactly is the Skywise platform?
Skywise places a premium on intelligent, insightful, AI-driven analytics. Make contact with us. Skywise allows you to interact with your data in a natural way by utilizing pre-built workflows designed to improve operational efficiency, prevent delays, and reduce the risk of AOGs.

How does Skywise function?
Skywise, Airbus’ aviation data platform launched in 2017, serves as the Alliance’s key digital infrastructure by providing a single access point to data analytics that combine multiple sources into one secure cloud-based platform, including work orders, spares consumption, component data, aircraft/fleet data, and so on.

Skywise is owned by whom?
Motlekar Holdings Inc.
Motlekar Holdings, a South African private equity firm, owns Skywise. In September 2016, the company purchased Skywise from Pak Africa Aviation.

Is Palantir used by Airbus?
Airbus has launched a new aviation data platform in collaboration with Palantir Technologies, which is a pioneer in big-data integration and advanced analytics. Work orders, spares consumption, component data, aircraft / fleet configuration, on-board sensor data, and flight schedules are among the airline sources.

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